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White Spot Treatment in Enniskillen

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Although White Spots Can Be Less Than Pleasing on the Eye, Thankfully They Are Rarely Cause for Concern.

In the past the only way to treat these spots would be to cover them up using composite bonding or veneers. These treatments can be invasive and may require the removal of healthy tooth material. Thanks to a revolutionary new treatment called Icon we now have a much more conservative option available for the treatment of white spots!

ICON is a non-invasive approach to improve the appearance of teeth, removing white spots or mottling, making teeth uniform in colour without covering the tooth’s natural surface. And as an added bonus, it doesn’t require any drilling or injections!

White spots or mottling of the teeth can occur for a number of reasons, including:

  • Dental Fluorosis - this occurs when adult teeth are developing and there is a high fluoride intake.
  • Trauma or illness during childhood.
  • Decalcification of the enamel – loss of minerals from the enamel due to poor brushing and build-up of plaque acids on the enamel surface.
  • Orthodontic treatment – this can cause decalcification of the teeth if excellent oral hygiene is not maintained during treatment.
  • Problems or illness during pregnancy.
  • Family genetics.
  • Acid reflux or enamel erosion from too many sugary or acidic foods.

How Does the Treatment Work?

ICON is a gentle process used to target white spots on the teeth.

Step 1. Your dentist will apply a gel called Icon-Etch to your teeth

Step 2. Once the Etch gel is removed your dentist will then use Icon-dry in order to help prepare the area for the infiltration stage

Step 3. Icon-infiltrant is then applied, this is the material that will infiltrate the white spot and repair this area. The final step is to use an ultraviolet light to cure the infiltrant, polish up the teeth and then the treatment is complete. The resin that is used can also block acids that make enamel wear away, and it can help preserve the tooth from additional decay, resulting in a beautiful healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Can’t I Just Whiten My Teeth?

You may think that whitening your teeth will help the white spots to blend better with the rest of your tooth, however, unfortunately this is not usually the case. Tooth whitening can sometimes actually make white spots appear more noticeable as they will continue to remain a lighter shade than the rest of your teeth as you whiten.

What Are the Benefits of ICON Treatment?

  • Restores uniformity of the teeth.
  • Fast & Efficient, usually only requires one short appointment to complete.
  • Helps to boost confidence.
  • Minimally invasive, no drilling or injections required.
  • Easy and pain free.
  • No recovery time required.
  • Safe and effective.