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Pain Free Dentistry in Enniskillen

Do you dread having to visit the dentist?
You are not alone!

One in four of us have a fear of dental treatment, and in most cases, people who are scared of the dentist are afraid because of unpleasant childhood memories or a bad experience with a previous dentist.

Being a nervous patient shouldn't negatively impact your dental health, rest assured, you will find your experience much more pleasant at Belmore Dental Implant and Facial Aesthetics Clinic. Our bright modern dental clinic is a friendly welcoming environment, with Nespresso coffee machines, free WIFI access, beautiful artwork, a comfortable waiting lounge and polite helpful staff who will do their very best to make you feel totally at ease from the moment you step through our door.

At Belmore Dental all of our clinicians are highly experienced in providing treatment for nervous patients and will always do their best to help you feel calm and relaxed while you are in our care.

If you do suffer from dental fear and anxiety, we can use one of the many dental sedation techniques available at Belmore Dental to help make your treatment totally free from pain and anxiety. Dental sedation does not put you in to a deep sleep like general anaesthetic, however it will allow you to drift into a deeply relaxed state in which you are still conscious and able to talk to your dentist. You will usually be totally unaware of what is happening and will not remember much about your treatment afterwards.

The first type of sedation that is offered at Belmore Dental is Inhalation sedation. This is administered by placing a small hood over the nose which delivers Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide, which you inhale in a regular breathing rhythm. This produces, after a short time, pleasant tingling feelings in hands and feet which then progresses to an equally pleasant feeling of warmth, well-being, euphoria and reduced anxiety.

Iv Sedation is a different form of sedation which is administered into the bloodstream during dental treatment and induces a state of deep relaxation. The drugs used for IV sedation produce either partial or full memory loss of your time in treatment. Time will appear to pass very quickly, and you will not remember much of what happened, many people will remember nothing at all.

Typical causes of dental fear, and what we can do to help you

  • Bad past experiences with the dentist – - It's no doubt that bad previous experiences at the dentist will have a negative effect on how you feel about making future appointments, but you shouldn't let this deter you from looking after your oral health. All of our dentists are highly skilled, highly qualified and constantly updating their knowledge and techniques to bring you the best quality dental care possible. We know that for some people putting their trust into a dentist is difficult and having someone working in your mouth can be daunting, please let us know if you feel this way, it may be helpful for your dentist to talk you through each stage of treatment and let you know how things are going. This can help you to feel more comfortable and in control.
  • Needle Phobia – Many of us have a phobia of needles and as such this can have a damaging affect on how we feel about undergoing dental treatment, often putting it off over fear of the injection. Please let us know if you are afraid of needles, we will make sure to keep everything out of your range of sight and do everything we can to help you through this.
  • Fear of pain during treatment – It's completely normal and understandable to have a fear of pain, but it's important to note that we will do our very best to ensure every visit is as pain free and comfortable as possible. We will administer local anaesthetic to keep you fully numb during any procedures and if you feel that you can't make it through the treatment without help, please keep in mind the sedation options that we also offer.
  • Lack of confidence - For many people their fear of the dentist stems from lack of confidence in their smile. Years of neglect can allow you to become totally uncomfortable smiling around people and letting anyone see your teeth. We know that showing your teeth can be a huge cause of anxiety, but it needn't be. All of our team members care deeply about dental health and believe that everyone deserves to feel amazing when they smile, we are not here to judge you and we don't want you to feel embarrassed coming to us, no matter what stage you are at we always have options available to get you feeling great again.

A few tips to ease your dental fears

  • Arrange a free consultation with our treatment coordinator, during this time you can visit our surgery to have a look around, meet our reception team and if possible, also meet your new dentist. You can take a tour of our practice and its facilities.
  • Arrange an appointment time early in the morning so you have less time to think about your visit.
  • Your first appointment with Belmore Dental Implant and Facial Aesthetics Clinic will simply be a full consultation and check-up, so don't worry about having any treatments carried out or needing to have any injections.
  • Feel free to bring a friend with you to your appointment. We don't mind your guest staying throughout your check-up or treatment if this makes you feel more comfortable.
  • Agree a sign with your new dentist to let them know if you need a break. It can be as simple as waving your hand, but will help you feel more in control.
  • When thinking about treatments, why not start gradually with a clean and polish and work your way up to more extensive treatment once you have built up your trust in our dental team.
  • Feel free to bring along your headphones and listen to music or an audiobook during your treatment if this helps you to feel more relaxed.

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