Pain Free Dentistry


Do you dread going to the dentists?

You are not alone!

One in four of us have a fear of dental treatment, and in most cases, people who are scared of the dentist are afraid because of unpleasant childhood memories of the smells and sounds of the surgery.
But be reassured, you will find your experience more bearable at Belmore Dental Implant Clinic. Our modern dental surgery is a much friendlier environment, with flowers in the waiting room, Nespresso coffee machines, free WIFI access, beautiful artwork, a comfortable waiting lounge and polite, helpful staff.
If you do suffer from dental fear, we can use one of the many dental sedation techniques available at Belmore Dental to help make your treatment free from pain and anxiety. 
Dental sedation, also known in some dental practices as ‘sleep dentistry” or “twilight sleep’ does not put you into a deep sleep like a general anesthetic. However, it will allow you to drift into a deeply relaxed state where you are still conscious and able to talk to your dentist. You will usually be totally unaware of what is happening and not remember a lot about your treatment afterwards.
Inhalation sedation is administered by placing a small hood over the nose. This delivers Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide, which you inhale in a regular breathing rhythm. This produces, after a short time, pleasant tingly feelings in hands and feet which then progresses to an equally pleasant feeling of warmth, well-being, euphoria and reduced anxiety levels.
IV Sedation is administered into the blood system during dental treatment and induces a state of deep relaxation. The drugs used for IV sedation produce either partial or full memory loss. Time will appear to pass very quickly, and you will not remember much of what happened. Many people remember nothing at all.​

"My daughter has a huge fear and anxiety about needles. When told she required teeth to be removed as part of her orthodontic treatment, she was worried. She went to her dentist a couple of times but was always unable to go through with the procedure.

We were told about the sedation offered at Belmore dental practice. My daughter was very nervous. I explained what had happened and her fears, and were invited to the surgery and offered a tour. This allowed my daughter to meet the dentist and helped to ease her fears. After a few visits to familiarize her with the surgery, my daughter got her teeth extracted.

Without the sedation, we would not have been able to get her teeth removed. We are grateful for the professional and kind approach adopted by the staff at Belmore."

"My experience of the dentist as a child in the 70's was not a nice experience, far from it in fact! So hence I was left with this huge fear of dentists so much so that I had to be put under general anaesthetic for teeth extractions when I was younger and as an adult I fainted going to get wisdom teeth pulled and so I avoided getting dental work done for years. Until I discovered dental sedation which has changed my life! You may think that is an exaggeration but believe me it is not. Now I smile every day without the need to hide my smile behind my hand. it has given me a whole new confidence.

I have had sedation a few times now and I do not dread the dentists anymore because of it. No more dreading the numbing anaesthetic injection in to your mouth and waiting in the waiting room for it to kick in, now the first stop is the IV sedation and after that you should be so chilled out that all the fears have completely gone and the numbing anaesthetic injection is not a fear anymore. The first time you have sedation, yes of course you are a little nervous as you do not know what to expect but after that first time it’s a lot easier to visit the dentist and get work done. I have had a lot of work done under sedation, I try to get a few dental things done at the same time which also helps those with dental fears as you know you don't have to come back for loads of visits and ergo less anxiety/stress. 

I recently had a lot of work done (fillings, veneer and periodontal treatment and of course sedation!) in the lovely Belmore Dental in Enniskillen where it is like going into someone's house, all the staff are so lovely, patient and understanding of your particular concerns and make you feel relaxed. 
You are awake with the sedation but also you are so relaxed, you know what is going on but you should have no anxiety about the dental work and afterwards you must leave with a responsible adult and driver. I can highly recommend sedation for anyone with fears, in particular, the IV sedation, these days I would not have any dental work done without the IV sedation. Take it from me if I can do this so can you!"

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"Dental Sedation Patient N from Co Donegal

I would definitely recommend sedation for dental treatments. My daughter and I are extremely nervous and found that the gas relaxed us.

She had extractions performed.

I had fillings and due to pain from sensitivity required gas also for dental hygiene.

I would also like to recommend our dentist Annamarie Welch as she is extremely patient and put us at ease."