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Fixed Braces in Enniskillen

Fixed Braces

Are you embarrassed to smile for photographs?

Straight teeth can not only improve your confidence and appearance but also enhance the function of misaligned and crowded teeth. Orthodontic is a type of dental treatment that can not only straighten teeth but also treat many other dental conditions including;

There are many different ways to straighten teeth, no matter which one you decide they will all come under one of two types of orthodontics. Either 'fixed' or 'removable' braces.

Fixed Appliances

Fixed appliances are the most common type of orthodontics and consist of small brackets which are attached to the front of the teeth with a dental adhesive. The brackets are then connected with a thin wire which is often held in place with elastic loops. These brackets and wires are progressively tightened over time, applying gentle pressure to the teeth and encouraging them to move into a straighter position. There are many different types of fixed appliance systems ranging from metal brackets to clear tooth-colored brackets.

Fixed Appliances

Fixed orthodontic treatments can last anywhere from six to thirty months depending upon the severity of the orthodontic problem. Patients will also need to attend for regular appointments, usually every six-eight weeks for the braces to be adjusted

Once the teeth have been straightened, the majority of patients will be given a retainer to wear to ensure the teeth stay in the correct place. Retainers can also be removable or fixed, and our dental team will advise on which option is best for you following your treatment.​

What can you expect after the dental braces are fitted?

Wearing your New Braces with Confidence.

Wearing braces no longer mean you have to hide your smile. Our braces offer an exclusive color matching technology to blend in with your natural tooth color. They are small and far less visible than metal brackets and wires. They provide the same orthodontic treatment as traditional braces, but they're much more subtle and harder to see.

You want a beautiful smile, but you don't want metal braces to steal your spotlight. Maybe you've even thought about clear aligner therapy – but many patients don't qualify for this kind of treatment. In fact, clear aligners are best suited for minor cosmetic adjustments only.

At Belmore Dental Implant Clinic we use InVu ceramic brackets as they offer the perfect combination of high performance and superior aesthetics. When you choose InVu, you get braces that work and look great. Not only that, but you can be sure that everyone's attention will be on you, not your braces.

InVu braces are specially designed to blend naturally with the color of your teeth. By adding tooth-colored arch-wires, your braces will be virtually invisible. For these reasons, InVu is quickly becoming the most popular alternative to traditional metal braces.

InVu Braces

InVu Matches You - Only InVu Aesthetic Braces feature Personalized Color-Matching Technology® that allows them to blend perfectly with your teeth. InVu Braces are virtually invisible and don't stain like other aesthetic braces.

InVu Feels Better - Other ceramic braces are machined with sharp edges that cause discomfort and friction. But InVu is made using a state-of-the-art injection-molding technology that produces a smooth, uniform surface. They have gently rounded edges to prevent cheek irritation. They're extra small too, so they're far less bulky and much more comfortable to wear.

InVu Works Best - The injection-molded process eliminates imperfections and potential breakage points, so InVu braces are stronger and more durable than other ceramic braces. They have a nearly seamless surface that minimizes friction, which can help treatment go much quicker. In fact, InVu's overall performance meets or exceeds metal brackets.

InVu is Safer - InVu braces are far less likely than other ceramic braces to chip or shatter during treatment. They're also safer when it's time to take them off because they have an exclusive mesh base that "pops off" easily, protecting your tooth enamel. Other ceramic brackets must be broken to remove them, and remnants must be sanded off. This can cause little chips and particles to fly loose that can be swallowed.

InVu Braces