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Digital Smile Design in Enniskillen

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Belmore Dental has always been a practice at the forefront of modern dentistry. Our dentists consistently update their skills and techniques in order to ensure they are able to provide the best possible care for our patients. Our patients can also benefit from the latest technologies and in turn, a very advanced treatment catalogue.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get much better, digital smile design (DSD) came along! With this innovative new system, we now have the ability to involve our patients in the design process of their new dream smile, allowing you to visualise the end results, before you even begin!

When you are not happy with your smile it can be a real drain on your confidence. When you are making an investment in your smile DSD ensures that your treatment outcome is perfect, leaving you with a transformation that not only positively impacts your smile, but also your self confidence and happiness.

We view digital smile design as ‘an architects plan’ for your new smile. By utilising digital smile design, we can make sure that your new smile works harmoniously with the rest of your facial features. We understand that the perfect smile is more than just an aesthetically pleasing set of teeth, your smile must fit the characteristics of your face and help your personality shine through.

How does it work?

Data Gathering
We all smile differently. Those who have spent a long time unhappy with their smile may have developed a habit of smiling with a hand covering their mouth, some people smile confidently, but only with their mouth closed. Step 1 involves a series of digital images that are taken in a variety of different forms, this may include photographs and intra-oral scans. A video may also be taken at this stage to analyse how your mouth moves when talking and when you are not as aware, i.e., when posing for a photo, this is very important to ensure that your final results fit perfectly with your entire face.
Planning Stage
Once we have done our preliminary data gathering, we can begin to plan your treatment. We will review this together to uncover what your main concerns are and what specific changes you are hoping to make, before recommending personalised treatment options based on our findings.
Smile Designing Stage
Many dentists who do not offer digital smile design do not fully take into consideration the importance of viewing the smile holistically. Incorporating functionality, aesthetics and health into the treatment planning stage ensures that you leave with nothing short of your dream smile. From this stage, we work very closely with our expert smile design lab, when your new smile has been created, we are able to not only show you the end results digitally, we are also able to provide a ‘mock up’ on your teeth so you can ‘test drive’ your new smile.
Treatment Stage
Once all of the final tweaks have been made and you are happy with your newly designed smile, it’s time for the real transformation to begin! There will be no surprises at this stage as you already know what your new smile is going to look like. Once we are finished, you won’t want to stop smiling.

Digital smile design is completely personalised and can be applied with a range of different treatments such as composite bonding, veneers, crowns, and dental implants. Your plan will be designed based on analysis of your data and your individual specifications, and can involve a combination of the aforementioned treatments.

What’s more, at Belmore Dental we offer interest free finance for up to 12 months, so, what are you waiting for! Get in touch today to learn more or to arrange an appointment!