CT Scans

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We use Dental 3D CBCT Scanning at Belmore Dental Implant Clinic to ensure your treatment is as safe, efficient and accurate as possible.

Our high tech CBCT scanner is able to produce incredibly detailed images whilst using very low doses of radiation to produce amazing 3D images of the teeth and the surrounding structures. This cutting edge technology allow us to distinguish between different types of tissue and see structures in and around the mouth in greater detail than a traditional X-ray would normally allow.

There are many reasons why CBCT scanning is so important in dentistry not only from a diagnosis point of view but also to assist in treatment planning. The use of CBCT scanning in dentistry continues to increase as dentistry evolves and becomes more dependent on technology.

Scanned images can also be used to monitor the efficacy of treatment and assist our dentists during consultation as we can use the images to talk openly to patients about oral health conditions and more easily explain how treatment will work.

The foundation of successful implant dentistry and oral surgery is the use of the best diagnostic tools available, and CT scanning represents the gold standard for dental imaging. In recent years, dental technology has moved forward dramatically. CT scans were once the job of hospitals, with large, loud and cumbersome machines.

Traditional Dental X-rays CT Scanning


The images that a dental x-ray can produce are two-dimensional; these A dental CT scan image, on the other hand, can produce both two-dimensional x-rays can show only the height of your bone as well as the location of your teeth. and three-dimensional views of your teeth and jaw bone. A CT scan for dental purpose can give your dentist a crystal-clear image of the actual make-up of your jaw bone area, as well as a cross-sectional and three-dimensional image of the jaws.


  • Safe way for the clinician to fully diagnose the condition of your teeth and gums.

  • A low level of radiation is emitted to take a very detailed 3D x-ray of your mouth while you lie comfortably in the dental chair.

  • Highest certainty of success

  • Instant results which are uploaded to our advanced software program.

  • Digital images which can be easily copied or forwarded at your request.


What to expect during your dental CT scan

Prior to undergoing a dental CT scan, you will be asked to remove all items in and around your neck and head area that may contain metal, such as hair clips, eyeglasses, jewellery, hearing aids, removable bridges and dentures.

The dental CT scan procedure involves you standing facing the CT scanner with your head firmly but comfortably secured, to prevent unnecessary head movements during the dental CT scan. You may also be given a mouthpiece so that the dental CT scan can take clear shots of your jaws apart.

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