New Dentures Getting You Down In The Mouth?

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Recently a patient told me that “growing old is not for wimps”. They had been wearing full dentures for many years and were finding them increasingly difficult. Often people say that they have been without teeth for over 20 years and that whilst their first or even second set of teeth gave them good, comfortable service, their last set, usually made from five years to six months ago, just don’t work as well as they expected denture to. Why?

Sinead McEnhill - Belmore Dental Studio & Implant Clinic

Loose Dentures Northern Ireland

It may be true that the art of making dentures has been lost to the general dentists as their focus is now more on preserving teeth. However, many problems often lie in age related changes in the mouth as well as the general well-being of the denture wearer. Over time the gums shrink back where teeth have been removed and this leaves increasingly less area for a denture to successfully rest on. So it is usually a combination of factors that added together can make the wearing of full dentures an uncomfortable experience for some people.

However, there are many options available to mitigate these undesirable changes. For about 60% of people who are already experienced at wearing dentures, a well-made set of new teeth made by a Specialist Prosthodontist will be very satisfactory and they can be made comfortable once more. For those whom the changes have made it impossible for even a new set of specialist dentures to be satisfactory, there are modern options to alleviate the problems. Often top teeth can be made retentive and comfortable not the opposing lower teeth. In these situations at least two titanium teeth roots (dental implants) are put back into the lower jaw. After a short healing period, clips can be attached to these that click into the lower denture. This leaves you able to remove the lower denture for cleaning but stabilises the lower teeth so you can eat and smile with confidence without breaking the bank!

For those who want to be able to feel extra secure in their dental work, more titanium teeth roots (Dental Implants) can be put in place, enabling fixed teeth to be fitted. These are the closest you can get to your own original teeth and are fixed in as your teeth once were.

With options and prices to suit everyone, worrying about your smile should soon be a thing of the past as you find the difference made to your confidence will be no laughing matter! So if your dentures are getting you down in the mouth  why not call us on 02866 329222 to book a FREE Consultation with our Treatment Coordinator who will answer any questions you may have. Alternatively you can email us at or book online via our web-link . We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.

Dr Sinead McEnhill BDS MFGDP DipImpDentRcs(Eng) Belmore Dental Studio & Implant Clinic

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