Dental Implants in Northern Ireland and Bone Resorption

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

After a tooth has been lost or extracted a process known as bone resorption begins to occur. As the tooth root is no longer present in the jaw, the surrounding bone is no longer

Dental Implants Northern Ireland and Bone Resorption stabilised or stimulated and can start to slowly erode. The roots of our teeth play a very important part in stabilising our entire smile and when one or more teeth are missing this can lead to changes to the contour of the jaw, sunken cheeks and a pinched appearance to the smile. Unfortunately, these changes tend to make you look down in the mouth and can add many year to your appearance.

Denture Wearers Beware

So many of you might be thinking that by replacing missing teeth with dentures that this wont happen to you. Sadly this is not the case. Dentures rest only on the gums and the bone level underneath will continue to wear away. This is the reason why  over time new denture wearers will find there teeth becoming loose and require adjustment as there is a increasingly less area for the denture  to successfully rest on. Adjustments can be made successfully several times but the time will come when a replacement will be required and the process will begin all over again.

Dental Implants Northern Ireland and Bone Resorption

Now the good news – dental implants can resolve the problem of bone loss!!

Dental implants are placed into the jaw bone and act just like the root of a tooth and help to stabilise and stimulate the surrounding bone. By have your missing teeth replaced by dental implants in Northern Ireland allows the titanium posts to fuse with the bone over time and means the shape of the jaw and bone levels remain constant.

Here at Belmore Dental Studio & Implant Clinic we also recommend dental implants in Northern Ireland as a means of helping your denture to stay in place. As few as 2 dental implants can be placed into the jaw bone and then attached to your denture to hold it firmly and comfortable in position. Because the dental implants are placed towards the front of the jaw were bone tends to erode at a slower rate, it can benefit long term denture wearers who have suffered extensive bone loss. All of our patient report that they are able to bite, chew and speak much easier as their denture is no longer ‘floating’ around in the mouth nor is it able to ‘pop out’ of the mouth.

Moving denture can be embarrassing and very uncomfortable for wearers by rubbing on gums and causing sores and infection. If you suffer from a ill-fitting denture Dental Implants can help. So why not call us on 02866 329222 and we will be happy to discuss your options with you. We have been placing Dental Implants in Northern Ireland for over 11 years and we have seen first hand how they can totally transform a patient life for the better. You can also email us at or visit our website for more information.

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