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Updated: Apr 26, 2018

People lose teeth all the time, should this be due to natural shedding, trauma or dental disease.

Many people think that losing a tooth here and there is not a problem, but sadly this is not the case. The decision to replace a lost tooth is always entirely up to the individual but not replacing it can lead to many complications:

  • Health problems

  • Sagging jaw and down in the mouth appearance

  • Bone re-absorption

  • Misaligned teeth/jaw

  • Eating and digestion issues

  • Speech problems

  • Loss of confidence

Sadly we live in a world of dental fear. So many people are frightened of attending the dentists but strangely have never been hurt by one. Years of childhood association between "pain and horror" stories told by others have contributed to dental phobia in adulthood.

After speaking with many of our patient who have experienced the crippling fear of attending the dentist, it still amazes me to see the transformation in their lives after completing implant treatment.

As many of our testimonial show you too can overcome your fears and restore your mouth and chewing function back to full health.

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