Dental Referrals /For Dentists

To refer a patient

Please download, complete and post or fax our referral form and we will be pleased to look after your patient

Your patients journey

Six steps from referral to completion:

1. New patient consultations

We welcome your patient into a professional environment and listen with respect to his/her concerns. After careful consideration we respond by presenting all possible treatment options together with a written recommendation and estimate of the investment required. There is always time for questions and a period of reflection.

2. Pre-surgical planning

To achieve your patient's desired functional and aesthetic outcomes we place great emphasis on pre-surgical planning by utilising a range of imaging (CT), diagnostic previews, face bow registration and surgical guides.

3. Surgery

All surgery is performed precisely and gently, minimising surgical trauma and improving postsurgical experience, guaranteeing a superb aesthetic outcome.

4. Recovery

After surgery your patient is transferred to our recovery area and is supervised by one of our care nurses. Prior to discharge we ensure your patient has full instructions and a 24-hour point of contact for help and advice.

5. Reconstructive phase

Our pre-surgical planning and meticulous approach to surgery pays dividends, ensuring the finest aesthetic result. All functional requirements are attended to and every care is taken to ensure the patient's needs and wishes are met. The use of daylight photography and the patient's own 'pretooth loss' photographs allow effective and accurate communication with our technician.

6. Satisfaction

Your patient's satisfaction is our prime concern. At the end of treatment we ensure that satisfaction has been achieved before offering final advice and returning the patient to your continuing care.

Continued Professional Development

Belmore Dental Implant Clinic is dedicated to implant dentistry from single to full mouth reconstruction. The practice offers individual and group mentoring to dentists, whether wishing to expand their implant practice or those wishing to carry out the restorative phase of treatment only. Live surgery and hands on experience are easily accessible, as well as advice at any time.

  1. Live surgery and prosthodontic observations.

  2. Hands-on experience of surgical and prosthetic stages.

  3. Individual and group mentoring.

Patient Charter

Our Responsibilities to you:

  1. You will receive a copy of discussions with your patient together with the treatment proposal.

  2. A report and update at each stage of the treatment process together with relevant details and radiographic records including CBCT scans.

  3. Report on completion of treatment together with relevant maintenance protocol and recommendations

  4. We guarantee that your patient will be seen for the referred treatment only and returned to you for all other care.

  5. We will welcome your patient into a caring and professional environment and endeavour to treat them with courtesy, respect and sensitivity at all times. Patients will be treated as individuals and partners in their health care, irrespective of their ethnic origin, religious and cultural beliefs, gender, social class, disability or age.

  6. Exceed patient expectations by providing unparalleled service and care, paying attention to detail and demonstrating a passion for excellence.

  7. Constantly seek to develop and gain knowledge individually and as a team to remain at the cutting edge of technology within dentistry today.

  8. We will always listen to our patients when they tell us how we can improve our services.

New Cone Beam CT Scanner

Belmore Dental Studio are delighted to inform you of a new service which we can offer to referring dentists. A recent installation of the Carestream Kodak 90003D cone beam CT scanner has added a whole new dimension to digital diagnostic dentistry. Traditional CT scanners have evolved for analysing large areas within the body and subsequently the radiographic dose is higher. The Carestream Kodak 90003D has been designed specifically for dentistry to focus on smaller areas. It is now much easier to justify taking these 3-dimensional images as they represent approximately 70% of the radiation dose as a standard OPG.

There are many applications for these 3-dimensional images such as planning for implants and minor oral surgery. The image resolution is also good enough to assess complex root canal systems before or after endodontic treatment. Another advantage of this product is that the software for viewing the images is distributed free of charge. You can therefore view and manipulate these images from your own practice. The focused Field Of View technology will allow for specific areas to be examined. A standard image will show 1/3 of an arch whilst three images are taken to show a full arch. The software will take these three images and stitch them together to show a full arch in 3 dimensions.

If you think this service would be an advantage to your own practice and would like to discuss this further then please give me a call. Alternatively if you would rather see the machine in action then we will happy to arrange this for you.