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Bone Grafting Sinus Lifts in Enniskillen

Bone Grafting & Sinus Lifts

Dental Bone Grafts and Sinus Lifts Makes New Teeth Possible

Bone grafting and sinus lifts are highly specialised surgical procedures, and although they may seem rather extensive, they play a very important role in making new dental implant teeth possible. In the past, patients who did not have adequate bone height or width were told they couldn't have dental implants. But modern advances in implant dentistry has brought us these successful techniques to restore what was lost and make it possible to have a beautiful smile. Bone graft surgery is temporary, but being able to eat, laugh, talk and smile lasts a lifetime!

The key to successful dental implant treatments is the quality and quantity of bone in the area in which the dental implants are to be placed. When we lose teeth, the bone around them can also be lost leaving a less than ideal site for dental implants. Most implant treatments will not require a bone graft; however, if there is a lack of bone, our expert implant surgeons are highly trained in these specialised procedures.

Many people who have bone loss believe that they will be unable to have dental implants and that a lifetime of wearing dentures is their only option. We are delighted to tell you this is not true and our expert team at Belmore Dental Implant Clinic can perform many bone grafting procedures which will allow your dental implant treatment to go ahead.

Guided Bone Reconstruction

Guided bone reconstruction is carried out at the same time as your dental implant surgery. Other than a few minutes extra surgery time, you will be unaware of the procedure taking place. Your dental implant surgeon will add a unique material around the dental implant to fill any areas where there might be small deficiencies in your bone.

Sinus Grafting

The bones of the face are hollow and contain air spaces known as sinuses. These sinuses sit above the upper back teeth and are known as the maxillary sinuses. When an upper back tooth is lost, the floor of the sinus drops into the space where the tooth roots formerly sat. To place an implant, it is sometimes necessary to push the sinus floor to where it was originally by adding a bone substitute material.

Block Grafting

This type of bone graft is rarely required but usually occurs when a lot of bone has been lost from the jaw bone. The area is then rebuilt using a block of bone taken from another part of the patient's mouth or body.

All these procedures may sound more complicated and invasive than they actually are. Our dental implant surgeons are experts in this field, and these procedures are all carried out under local anesthetic to ensure you feel no pain. Dental sedation is also available to make your treatment more pleasant.