Your smile is a reflection of you. What is it secretly saying? Is it conveying the wrong personality or message without you even knowing it?

If Your Smile Could Talk – What Would It Say?

What do you say to the world when you smile? Your teeth send a subliminal message. The way your teeth are shaped actually tells people what kind of personality you have. Square teeth give a masculine impression, according to researchers. It means you are in control, relatively unemotional and objective. Oval teeth tell people you are sad and pensive about life, but organized and artistic. The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported there are four personality types associated with the shape of our teeth.

Triangular: Sanguine or Dynamic

Rectangular: Choleric or Strong

Oval: Melancholy or Sensitive

Square: Peaceful or Phlegmatic

Most of us have a combination of these shapes, so we convey many different personalities or temperaments.

Bet you didn’t know a smile was so important. Hollywood knows it. Public figures change their smiles to reflect the personalities they want to project. That is why cosmetic dentistry is so popular. A good cosmetic dentist can shape your smile into something that fits your personality and goals.

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