Are white spots on your teeth causing you concern? We have a new solution at Belmore Dental Implant & Facial Aesthetic Clinic to help remove white spots and make your smile shine. And whats even better our revolutionary Icon kits helps avoid invasive drilling and pain.

So what causes these white spots?

White spots are a type of dental lesions often caused by dental decay. Until now, dentists needed to choose between treating these areas with fluoride or drilling out these areas and filling them. The new Icon treatment is a simply procedure which does away with the need for invasive dentistry and can be completed with results immediately noticeable within a 30 minute visit, leaving you with a beautiful healthier smile free from white spots.

This lovely lady visited Dr Annamaree Welsh at Belmore Dental recently concerned about the visible white spots on her teeth. Following a quick and painless appointment the results were fantastic.

If white spots have taken away your confidence to smile, contact Belmore Dental Implant & Facial Aesthetic Clinic today to see if Icon can help bring back your beautiful smile. Call us on 02866329222 or email .

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