Accelerated Healing

Accelerated Healing Following Oral Surgery With PRGF

Many dental procedures such as dental extraction, dental implants, and bone grafting treatments are invasive and can require long recovery times. At Belmore Dental Implant Clinic we use PRGF Accelerated Healing systems to minimise healing times following surgical procedures.

This cutting-edge treatment uses a small sample of the patient's blood from which we can extract proteins also known as growth factors. These are then applied to an area where healing or regeneration of the tissue is required, helping to speed up the bodies natural healing process and in effect allow it to heal and repair itself.

Recovery times and the bodies healing process speeds up considerable following a surgical procedure using PRFG, reducing the risk of infection and other post-surgical complications. Using PRGF will guarantee a noticeable improvement, absence of pain and quicker healing.

The benefits of PRG following oral surgery are

  • Faster wound healing

  • Regeneration of bone in an extraction site.

  • Regeneration of the bone levels around dental implants

  • Increased success rates of dental implants

  • Regeneration of tissue in tissue graft procedures.

  • Regeneration of an area following extraction of a cyst.

  • Improved osseointegration of dental implants.

  • Regeneration of bone in bony defects.