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Fixed Orthodontic Braces

Fixed Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontic braces are the traditional way that teeth are straightened and are typically associated with young children. Metal wires are attached to the front surfaces of your teeth with brackets. These brackets and wires are progressively tightened over time, applying gentle pressure to the teeth and encouraging them to move into a straighter position. The time taken depends upon how much movement of your teeth is required, your dentist will be able to advise you following an initial examination.

What is the ideal age for treatment with braces?

Although people of any age can make use of the treatment, the ideal age would be between 7 and 14 years.

What is the procedure for placing dental braces?
Initial consultation
Initial consultation

X-rays, moulds, and impressions of the teeth are taken to determine the problem and proper course of action.

  • An etchant is applied to the teeth to be braced to help the cement stick to the tooth surface.
  • A bracket is applied onto a tooth using dental grade cement.
  • The cement is then cured with a light until it is hardened completely.
  • An archwire is threaded between the brackets and attached with colored elastic or metal bands to help close open bites, shift the midline, or pull teeth or jaws strongly in the desired direction.
Adjusting the braces
  • The braces are adjusted at regular intervals to help shift the teeth into the correct position.
  • After they are adjusted, the colored rubber bands are removed.
  • The arch wire is then taken out, and replaced or modified, and placed back into the mouth.
  • New rubber bands are then fixed to the metal brackets.
Post treatment
  • Retainers are worn once the braces are removed to prevent the relapse of the teeth, as bone and gums need additional time to stabilize around the teeth.
  • The time period for wearing the retainers will depend upon the individual patient condition.
  • They can be moved in and out of the mouth as required.
What can you expect after the dental braces are fitted?
  • You may feel uncomfortable for the first few days.
  • The teeth may feel sore.
  • The wires, brackets and bands may irritate the tongue, cheeks or lips.
  • Any such discomfort will disappear within a week or two.
  • You may experience moderate pain each time the wires are changed or adjusted. You may be prescribed painkillers to alleviate any such discomfort.
Wearing your New Braces with Confidence.

Wearing braces no longer means you have to hide your smile. Our braces offer an exclusive colour matching technology to blend in with your natural tooth colour. They are small and far less visible than metal brackets and wires. They provide the same orthodontic treatment as traditional braces but they're much more subtle and harder to see.

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