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PRGF® - Endoret Facial Rejuvenation

The Beauty Worlds Newest Secret. PRGF is the Natural way and answer!
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PRGF®-Endoret® Technology Applications
Aesthetic Medicine

Aging is a multifactorial process that takes place during the last stage of life cycle and it is defined by a progressive loss of functional capacity in all body tissues and organs, with the consequent loss of ability to adjust to environmental stimuli.

Wrinkles are caused by physicochemical changes primarily due to the gradual loss of: collagen, a protein that provides firmness to the skin,elastin that gives skin elasticity and glycosaminoglycans which retain moisture. Due to unavoidable aging process, most evident signs start appearing: wrinkles, dyschromia and ptosis. And other less obvious signs, such as texture, touch, tone, color, brightness and luminosity,that are crucial to the overall appearance of the skin.

Sking Aging


1. Epidermis

There are variations in the size, shape and properties of this layer, with a decrease of melanocytes and Langerhans cells as well as a flattening of the epidermis.

2. Dermis

There is a reduction of the thickness of this layer, vascularity, degeneration of the collagen and elastin fibers and a decrease of hyaluronic acid production.

3. HYpodermis

There is a decrease in cell number and atrophy of the sweat glands.

Sking Aging

Treatment With Prgf ®-Endoret ®

1. Epidermis

Mesotherapy and plasma rich in growth factors treatment getsthe regeneration of this layer by increasing the number of cells inside it.

2. Dermis

El PRGF®-Endoret® causes the secretion of endogenous hyaluronic acid; increases production of elastin and pro-collagen, and anangiogenic effect that increases the number of vessels in this area.

3. HYpodermis

With this treatment, the fat cells get divided quicker, increasing their overall number.

Facial Antiaging

PRGF®-Endoret® in aesthetic application has the ability to restore the vitality of the skin by increasing hydration, promoting angiogenesis (formation of blood vessels), bringing a greater supply of nutrients to our skin. Also no contraindications or allergies are present being a product coming from the patient himself.

"LIFTING" effect

From all the choices in the market, treatments stimulating skin regeneration using growth factors extracted from patient's own plasma, should be highlighted. They are involved in the intercellular communication triggering a series of key biological effects in the tissue repair and regeneration such as directed cell migration (chemotaxis), proliferation and cells differentiation and extracellular matrix synthesis.

Vampire Facial Fermanagh

Post-Infiltration Results
  • Increased consistency
  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Increased brightness
  • No change in facial expression.
  • Biostimulation of the treated areas.
  • Compatible with other antiaging treatments.
  • Increased facial hydration and cooling sensation
Age For Treatments

This treatment is recommended on a Preventative level to slow the aging process or from 45 with regenerative and corrective purposes.

Number Of Sessions

It is recommended to do three sessions in the first three months. Subsequently, the process is personalized, with between 1 to 3 annual session. Follow ups will depend on age and skin types.

PRGF®-ENDORET® Benefits: In Aesthetics
PRGF®-ENDORET® • Botulinum Toxin • Hyaluronic Acid
  Origin Effect Application area
Hyaluronic Acid Exogenous (bacterial or animal culture) Filler Facial wrinkle or fold
Botulinum Toxin Bacterial Nerve paralysis Facial muscles
PRGF® Endoret® Autologous Biological and filler Face, neck, chest and hands.(*)

(*) One single kit allows all above areas complete treatment.

Skin Hydration Study

Skin hydration gets increased with PRGF®-Endoret® use both 3 and 6 months after treatment.

Percentage of evolution of the corneometry level, comparing with the basal level in both treatment groups. * Number of patients: 100.

Patients Satisfaction Level Study

Higher amount of patients accepted the PRGF®-Endoret® treatment versus hyaluronic acid one.

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