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Bonded Retainers

Bonded Retainers

If you are getting your dental braces off soon, than the next phase are retainers. There are several options post braces to help hold your bite and teeth in place as they were in the last phase of your braces treatment.

Most often removable retainers are given to patients to wear 24 hours, 7 days a week when they first get the braces off. There is a crucial period of about 3 months where you will be asked to wear them all day and night. Once the orthodontist decides, you may begin to wear them just at night, but it is noted that this will go on for several years.

Permanent retainers are mostly used on the bottom teeth. The retainer is affixed to the teeth and acts to hold them in place. This is usually used when crowding, spaces, and crooked teeth were a severe case and the orthodontist does not want to risk a relapse.

How long will it be on my teeth?
my teeth

It is usually intended that this wire will be left indefinitely on your teeth to keep them straight. This means that as long as the wire is on your teeth, your teeth should stay straight. As soon as it is removed, the teeth will move.

How do I clean my bonded retainer?

Brush your teeth as normal. In addition, you should use "Superfloss" every day. Your orthodontist will show you how to use it.

Will it become loose and what should I do?

  • It may become loose from time to time as the "glue" it is stuck on with can wear away. You usually become aware that the wire is loose, because the wire will begin to feel rough against your tongue. Occasionally, you may not feel any roughness with your tongue, but only notice some movement of your teeth.
  • You must contact your orthodontist immediately if this occurs. You should consider this as an emergency and an appointment will be arranged for you to see your orthodontist as soon as possible.
  • While waiting to see your orthodontist, you should wear the removable retainer that you may have been given after your braces were removed. This should be worn day and night as this will stop your teeth moving until you are seen by your orthodontist.
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